How quick is your turnover? 

I do most of my record from home, so when you send me your script I can get straight to recording.

I aim to deliver finished projects in 24 hours, but normally, I can do it faster than that. 







What kind of equipment do you use?

I either record on a Synco Mic D2 or a Røde NT1-A microphone. The Synco microphone is very sensitive just where I want it and brings out the bass quality of my voice very well. The Røde provides a very clean, clear sound. 


I use an Audient ID14 interface and Reaper as my Daw. 

Do you have an acting page?


I sure do! Check out my page on my agent's website by pressing the button below.  

Any acting inquiries go through them

(they're very nice). 







Image by Tim Mossholder